Who can benefit from Homeopathy?

Everyone! Homeopathy is a healing system, which deals with all diseases (except those which undoubtedly require surgery) for all ages, from 0 to 100 years of age!

What is classical homeopathic medicine?

Homeopathic Medicine is a healing system, based on the laws and principles of nature. It aims to strengthen the body, mobilizing its defense system and thus restoring its disturbed health. Treatment focuses on the holistic picture of the body’s symptoms and not just the disease from which the body suffers. This means that two people who have the same disease may need two different treatments and different homeopathic remedies. Just as humans are part of nature, so their illnesses and subsequently their treatments must be based on the laws of nature!

Is homeopathy suitable for children?

Certainly! The results seen in children are very good, because their body and defense system are generally healthier than in adults.

How long does a treatment last and what does it depend on?

In an acute illnesses the therapeutic effect is immediate and is achieved in a short time. In chronic cases however it is not possible, at least in most cases, to have an immediate therapeutic effect, especially when patients have resorted to homeopathy, having first tried all other methods without success. Because homeopathy works by strengthening and mobilizing the body’s defense mechanism, the duration of treatment depends primarily on the state of this mechanism. For one person it may take only a month of treatment, while for another one it may take longer. Therefore, in chronic diseases, do not ask your doctor to accurately predict the time of treatment.
What to avoid during homeopathic treatment:
Substances that may antagonize the action of the homeopathic remedy, such as:

  • Coffee, cola drinks and caffeinated beverages
  • Camphor, naphthalene, clove oil, mint and chamomile
  • Antibiotics, cortisone drugs, hormonal drugs, major sedatives
  • In all these cases, the patient should contact their treating physician before using these medications
Are there any side effects if one takes homeopathic medicines at the same time as allopathic medicines?

In no case are there any side effects. Because homeopathic remedies are not chemical substances but natural remedies that act on a different level than the medicines of allopathic medicine.

Can a patient follow homeopathy treatment in addition to traditional medicine?

Yes, in many cases this can be combined. For example, if someone suffers from diabetes and is being treated for it, they can follow homeopathy while receiving a a lower dose of the allopathic medicine and preventing the long-term complications of diabetes.

How should homeopathic remedies be consumed and stored at home?

Homeopathic remedies should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, and after 20-30 minutes solid food consumption is permited (water is allowed). The remedies should be stored in room temperature, away from light and strong odors, as well as away from electromagnetic radiation fields such as TV, mobile phone, microwave, refrigerator and computers.

Can a patient relapse after a successful homeopathic treatment?

There is a possibility, but it depends:

  • From how healthy the body is.
  • From the type and duration of the disease.
  • From the type of suffering (mental, mental, or physical) that acts on the patient after his recovery.
  • From how well he follows the doctor’s recommendations, after stopping homeopathic treatment.
Should the patient continue with the homeopathic treatment after the end of their required sessions?

If the patient feels well and relieved, there is no reason to continue with the treatment. However, it is recommended to visit the doctor 1-2 times a year and have a follow up in order to prevent any recurrence or any other new problems.