Do’s and Don’ts

Must be avoided

Caffeine: Coffee of all kinds (allowed instead of coffee; decaffeinated or coffee substitutes (from chickpeas, barley, etc.)), cola drinks, mocha sweets (tiramisu), coffee liqueur, painkillers containing caffeine (Panadol extra, lonarid etc.).

Cinnamon: Sweets with cinnamon, cinnamon powder or chop, etc.

Clove: Sweets with clove, tea with clove, etc.

Mint: Toothpastes (almost all commercials contain mint, ask your Pharmacist for a toothpaste compatible with Homeopathy), chewing gum, candies, mint drinks, menthol shaving foam, vix, etc.

Tea: Chamomile, black tea.

Camphor: Ointments and creams (anti-rheumatic-anti-inflammatory), naphthalene-camphor.

Oil paints: Avoid contact with fresh oil paints.

Medications: Caffeinated painkillers, mint syrups, dental preparations with eugenol or clove oil, cortisone, antibiotics, some strong sedatives, some psychotropic drugs.

Are allowed

Chocolate: Any kind except mocha.

Special substitutes: In special pharmacies and health food stores.

Decaffeinated painkillers: Depon, aspirin, Panadol, ponstan etc.

Toothpastes without mint: In pharmacies.

Tea: Sage, linden, louiza etc.

Anticorrosives without naphthalene: Vapona type.

Storage of homeopathy remedies

The factors that are known to affect homeopathic medicines are the following:

High temperatures and sunlight, intense odors (aromas), electromagnetic fields (mobile and landline phones, refrigerator, microwave, computers, airport x-ray, etc.).

Also during homeopathic treatment the use of other medicines should be known by the homeopathic doctor. Storage of homeopathic medicines along with chemical substances should be avoided.

The homeopathic remedies should always be taken on an empty stomach and food and fluids should be avoided, as well as smoking, for at least fifteen minutes after taking the medicine. For any other questions, consult your doctor.