Personalized treatment

Among other things, Homeopathy deals with the actual problem of the disease in a unique way: the individualization of each patient. For homeopathy the patient’s psyche plays an important role in the initiation of a disease and so there are no diseases, but PATIENTS, each of which is a separate case and entity. Thus, although the disease may be the same, the indicated homeopathic remedy may be different for each case.

The doctor takes into account all the symptoms that the patient presents on a mental, emotional and physical level, in order to understand the unique and special way in which the patient’s defense mechanism reacts.

In Homeopathy the interest is not only focused on the relief of the present symptoms of the patient, but also on the permanent restoration of their health. The best results homeopathy has presented so far, are in chronic diseases. It has, of course, also very impressive results in acute illnesses.

The ultimate benefit of Homeopathy to the patient is that, not only does it relieve the present symptoms, but it restores the overall health and internal order to the deepest levels and therefore creates permanent cure.