Sexual Dysfunction & Disorders

Lack of desire for SEX

Lack of desire for sex could be due to psychological stress and depression, fear of unwanted pregnancy, performance anxiety and often boredom. Labels such as “coldness” or “incompetence” are now obsolete. If there is no “normal level” of desire for sex (libido), this may be due to the “male” hormone testosterone. Testosterone levels can be reduced due to problems with the liver, kidneys, fatigue, pain, illness, depression and anxiety, as well as anxiolytics and opiates, medications for high blood pressure, appetite suppressants and alcohol. In addition, testosterone production in men decreases slowly with age.

Temporary loss of interest for sex in females, after childbirth or gynecological surgery, is completely natural. Moreover, the use of contraceptives and hormone therapy can affect the desire for sex. Here, too, the homeopathic treatment approach is very effective.

Painful Intercourse

Sometimes intercourse can be painful in women, due to a vaginal infection, urinary tract infection, or endometriosis. Vaginal dryness could also cause discomfort and pain for both partners.

Homeopathy treatment focuses on the overall picture of the body’s symptoms and not only on the disease from which it suffers and can give very satisfactory results.

Homeopathy can help with probles such as:

  • Infertility
  • Male dysfuction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Lack of interest in or desire for sex
  • Orgasmic Dysfunction
  • etc.