Natural treatment of pain

Treatment of pain and restoration of degeneration

Proven physical therapy for various forms of pain affecting the musculoskeletal system. An innovative and important therapeutic approach for pathological conditions of the musculoskeletal system and related motor functions, with homeopathic substances of natural origin with local cell enhancement.

This treatment is suitable for pathologies of the skeletal system, sciatica, back pain, soft tissues, muscles and nerves.

The treatment helps to normalize cell functions, the beneficial effect on the immune system, the detoxification of the intestine, blood-cells, kidneys and lymphatic system as well as in cases of metabolic disorders.

. Treatment of pain in chronic pathological conditions of the musculoskeletal system.

Trigger Treatment of trigger points for sciatica and limitation of its functionality.

.Treatment of back pain and lumbar sciatica in athletes.

. Improvement of degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases, osteoarthritis, chondropathy, pain in the spine.

. Increase elasticity and improve joint mobility and reduce their stiffness.

. Improving blood circulation, especially microcirculation.

. Relief of the mucous membrane in the nasal cavities and bronchi.

. Improvement of lymphatic detoxification (eg chronic sinusitis).

. Activation of renal function.

Ωση Stimulation of the immune system.

. Anti-inflammatory action.

. Activation of cellular respiration.