Orthomolecular weight control

Personalized diet plan

“Once I stop dieting, I regain the weight I have lost. Do I have to diet for a lifetime to maintain my normal weight?”

How many times have you heard or said something similar? Every year, millions of people around the world lose weight through a variety of grueling diets. However, most people end up gaining more weight than before when they stop their diet. Diet not only fails to produce the desired results, but also proves to be bad for our health.

Orthomolecular nutritional medicine and orthomolecular weight loss have excellent therapeutic and preventive effects, because they take into consideration all aspects of human existence and psychosomatic health. This is achieved through a right nutrition and lifestyle. Orthomolecular nutrition emphasizes, among other things, on exercise, hydration and breathing as well as the harmonious coexistence of mind, soul and body based on Hippocratic medicine and the healing practices of the ancient Asclepieia of ancient Greece.