Orthomolecular Medicine

The Orthomolecular Method

Two-time Nobel laureate and father of modern chemistry, biochemistry and genetics Linus Pauling, made a shocking scientific discovery! That is, people do not get sick from germs and viruses but because of a variety of deficiencies detected at a cellular level, of nutrients that are essential for the body’s cellular functions. These are mainly vitamins, minerals, trace elements etc.

Pauling called all of these “correct molecules” and coined the term “orthomolecular” to describe them.

Orthomolecular medicine therefore deals with the detection and replenishment of these vital orthomolecular nutrients in the body, usually administering large doses of these elements or a combination of them, orally, parenterally or intravenously with amazing results, especially in chronic, seemingly incurable, diseases, where classical medicine can not explain and cure.

Pauling also suggested that all of these deficiencies are due to degraded, processed food.

What is Orthomolecular Nutrition?

The orthomolecular nutrition was developed in Greece and is based on the research of Hippocrates and Linus Pauling. It is a pioneering scientific method of nourishing and detoxifying the body’s cells to keep us young, prosperous and healthy.

It uses, specially designed by British and Greek scientists, pioneering orthomolecular products that nourish and detoxify all cells. The results are energy, strength, well-being and high levels of mental and physical health.

George Minoudis, Clinical Orthomolecular Nutritionist


The Orthomolecular Method

The orthomolecular method is the result of extensive studies and years of clinical experience with amazing therapeutic and preventive results in thousands of people and is based on 5 main foundations.

The 5 foundations of orthomolecular nutrition:

  1. Reduction & control of inflammation
  2. Cellular detoxification
  3. Gastrointestinal regulation
  4. Scientific diagnosis and replacement of specific orthomolecular deficiencies
  5. Orthomolecular stress control