Classical Homeopathy is the type of homeopathy, arguing that at any given time to treat all symptoms of the patient, only one remedy should be given to him.
The process of identifying the correct homeopathic remedy is painful and requires research and experience on the part of the treating physician. Once achieved, however, the therapeutic effects are impressive and very satisfactory. In Homeopathy the interest is not only facing the relief of these symptoms of the patient, but also the permanent restoration of health.



Among else, Homeopathy deals with the problem of disease in yet another unique manner:
Personalization of every patient. To homeopathy, psychology plays a key role in the creation of a disease and therefore there are no diseases, but only PATIENTS, each one of which is a separate case. Thus, although the disease may be the same, the recommended homeopathic medicine may be different for each case.
The doctor takes into consideration the total of symptoms experienced by the patient, mentally, emotionally and physically, in order to comprehend the unique and sole manner, in which the defensive mechanism of the patient reacts.
Homeopathy aims not only to the relief of the present symptoms of the patients, but to the permanent restoration of their health. The best results so far displayed, come from chronic diseases. Furthermore, it has impressive results in acute diseases.
The final benefit of Homeopathy for the patient is that, not only it relieves present symptoms, but it also restores the inner order in deeper levels and therefore brings about a permanent therapy.

I think that what prevents someone from accepting the principles of homeopathy, is ignorance. Yet ignorance is criminal when human lives are at stake. No honest man, when in contact with the achievements of Homeopathy, can refuse them. He has no other choice

Sir John Weir, Physician of the queen of G. Britain, Elisabeth II The Homeopathy Medical Science Homeopathy has become a formal treatment in numerous European countries. In Great Britain it is on social security (strong preference for homeopathy shows the royal family). In France and Germany homeopathic medicines have official pharmaceutical codes, in Italy, the Netherlands, Finland and several U.S. universities, Homeopathy is taught as a subject in medical schools. In Greece it is taught as an optional course in Pharmacy School, in Medical School, Democritus University of dermatology, and graduate course at the University of Aegean.

Also it is declared by the Medical Association of Thessaloniki, that “homeopathy is a medical science and should be applied only by doctors.” Homeopathy performs harmoniously with all medical specialties.

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