According to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases (1977), stuttering is defined as “disorder in the rhythm of speech, in which the individual knows precisely what he wishes to say, but, at the time, is unable to say it because of an involuntary, repetitive prolongation or cessation of a sound”

Tachyphemia – cluttering

Weiss (1964) defines cluttering as: “a speech disorder characterised by the clutterer’s unawareness of his disorder, by a short attention, by disturbances in perception, articulation and the formation of speech, and by excessive speed of delivery. It is a disorder of the thought processes preparatory to speech and based on a hereditary disposition. Cluttering is the verbal manifestation of Central Language Imbalance, which affects speech, reading, writing, rhythm and musicality, and behaviour in general.

How can homeopathy help people who stutter?

The homeopath gets a detailed history from the patient or the parent, if there is a child involved, he asks when stuttering appeared, what’s its extent, when it is intensified, what are the factors intensifying it, whether the person has tics, whether it avoids the opposite sex, authoritarian people… etc..

Then, he specifies a medicine that has an effect on the centres that regulate speech, and psychosocial behaviour of the person.

Homeopathic medicines that are properly selected and correctly administered can be a “Gift from God” for children that stutter. These can help them to “slow down”, relax and feel greater internal security.

Homeopathy can also improve the overall condition of the body, and therefore children who stutter feel stronger, which leads to an overall sense of wellbeing.

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