Sexual problems and Homeopathy

Premature Ejaculation. Homeopathy can largely cure premature ejaculation, the cause of which is usually non-organic.

Ejaculation may occur without orgasm.

The ability for repetitive ejaculation decreases rapidly after puberty – only 10% after 41 have the ability to ejaculate more than once during a contact. Ejaculation during sleep, it is entirely normal.

Premature ejaculation-scaled before or once the penis enters the vagina. This is caused due to concern for the satisfaction of his partner, perhaps because of the ignorance of female sexual behavior, or even because of the ignorance of the mechanisms of delayed ejaculation. This can lead to profound dissatisfaction for both partners.

In this case we strongly recommend use of homeopathy since it helps individuals to relax and leave so gradually return to normal.


Erectile Dysfunction

Natural causes for instance trauma, surgery on the spinal cord, or genitals, chronic diseases including diabetes, various diseases of the nervous system and drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, fatigue, and sometimes the lack of appropriate stimulation can cause erectile dysfunction . Anxiety and stress are also guilty. In these cases, the homeopathic treatment helps very effectively because it approaches the problem at three levels of vital force (physical, emotional and mental).


Lack of desire for sex

The lack of desire for sex is caused by psychological stress and depression, fear of unwanted pregnancy, anxiety of performance and often boredom. Labels such as ‘coolness’ or ‘disability’ is now outdated. If there is no “normal level” of sexual desire (libido), this may be due to the “male” hormone testosterone. The levels of testosterone can be reduced by problems in the liver, kidneys, fatigue, pain, illness, depression and anxiety, as well as by opiate medications to treat high blood pressure, appetite enhancers and alcohol. Also the production of testosterone in men decreases slowly with age.

The short-term loss of interest in sex in women, it is only natural after childbirth or surgical gynecological surgery. Also, taking the contraceptive pill and hormonal therapy influence the desire for sex. And here the approach of homeopathy treatment methods are extremely effective.


Painful Sexual Intercourse

Sometimes intercourse might be painful for women, due to a vaginal infection, urinary tract infection or endometriosis. Also the vaginal dryness can cause discomfort and pain for both partners. The homeopathic treatment focuses on the overall picture of the symptoms of the body and not just the picture of the disease from which  the person suffers, it can give exceptional results.

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