See some indicative illnesses in which the

homeopathic solution is immediate and targeted.


Our health is the most precious good!

Homeopathy is a healing system that deals with all the diseases,

except those that undoubtedly require surgical intervention.




Psychological Problems: Treating Mind And Body Homeopathic Understanding of: Mental Illness Psycho-intellectual disorders Anxiety Phobias Memory impairment Insomnia Depression Impaired concentration, etc.   The homeopathic understanding of health is intimately connected to its understanding of the mind in general. Homeopaths don't separate the mind [...]



Gynecological Disorders Gynecological Disorders » Mastitis Premenstrual syndrome Cystitis Urinary incontinence Polycystic ovary syndrome Inomyomata Female infertility Vaginitis, etc.   Homeopathy is a natural, safe and effective treatment for all kinds of gynecological disorders. Always consult your gynecologist for a precise diagnosis and tests [...]


Neuromuscular Disorders

Neuromuscular Disorders Classical Homeopathy Medicine can help when applied by a special homeopathy physician, with good knowledge and expertise, and can offer safe, mild, effective and non addictive therapy, for a wide range of chronic and acute skeletomuscular diseases Classical Homeopathy Medicine treats: Injuries [...]



Gastrointestinal diseases Gastritis Irritable bowel syndrome Fatty infiltration of the liver Constipation Haemorrhoids etc.   Recent research is uncovering just how important gut health is to our overall physical, emotional and mental well-being. Homeopathy has over 200 years of history in its use and [...]



Sexual problems Lack of desire for sex The lack of desire for sex is caused by psychological stress and depression, fear of unwanted pregnancy, anxiety of performance and often boredom. Labels such as ‘coolness’ or ‘disability’ is now outdated. If there is no “normal [...]



Learning Disorder The term "special learning disorder" is used to address a number of learning difficulties, an umbrella definition, under which difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dysrhythmia, misspeling, attention deficit and hyperactivity , even autism . The term of The  Learning Problem is used [...]


Bacterial Infections

Bacterial Infections Acute infections and viruses » Otitis Bronchitis Tonsillitis Urinary tract infections Flu, etc   Homeopathic medicine actually gained its greatest popularity primarily due to its impressive successes in the treatment of infectious diseases in the 19th century. The death rates in American and [...]



Skin Conditions Skin Conditions » Atopic dermatitis Eczema Juvenile acne Allergic dermatitis Psoriasis, etc For common dermatologic conditions such as acne, warts and eczema, classic individualized homeopathic medicine can provide a safe, inexpensive and non toxic alternative or adjunctive treatment… In the treatment of [...]


Rerspiratory Problems

Respiratory problems Respiratory problems » Bronchiolitis, Bronchial asthma, Chronic cough Sinusitis, etc. Homeopathy has some of the best remedies to cure acute signs and symptoms of different respiratory infections. Using Homeopathy for these infections is beneficial as it has no side-effects. They are often associated [...]