Orthomolecular Medicine

The twice Nobel Prize winner and father of modern chemistry, biochemistry and genetics Linus Pauling, made a sensational scientific discovery. He found out that people do not get sick from germs and viruses but because there are deficiencies in the cellular level of many nutrients that are essential for cellular functions. These are mainly vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc. Pauling called these right molecules and coined the term “Orthomolecular” to describe it.

The Orthomolecular medicine deals with tracking and restoring these vital nutrients. Orthomolecular Medicine is supplying significant doses of these elements or their combination, orally, parenterally or intravenously with great results especially in chronic “incurable” diseases, that traditional medicinal practises cannot explain and heal.

Pauling also suggested that all these deficiencies arise as a result of  the degraded and industrialized food, polluted water and air we breathe, as well as the stress of everyday life

The Orthomolecular nutrition

The Orthomolecular nutrition developed in Greece and is based on surveys of Hippocrates and Linus Pauling. It is a pioneering scientific method nutrition and detoxification of body cells to keep young, vigorous and healthy. It uses specially designed by British and Greek scientists Orthomolecular innovative products that nourish and detoxify all cells. The result is energy, strength, fitness and high levels of psychosomatic health.

George Minoudis, Clinical Orthomolecular Nutritionist
Hellenic Society for Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine

The Orthomolecular method

The Orthomolecular method is the result of clinical experience with amazingly therapeutic and preventive effects on thousands of people and is based on 5 foundations

The 5 foundations of Orthomolecular nutrition:

1)Reduction and control of inflammation

2)Scientific detoxification

3)Gastrointestinal regulation

4)Scientific diagnosis and replacement of specific orthomolecular deficiencies

5)Orthomolecular  anxiety control

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