Nightmares and Sleep Disorders in Children

There are many different types of sleep disorders in children. Night terrors and nightmares are two different sleep disorders.

Have different symptoms and treatment for each case.


Night terror is a sudden awakening from the sleep stage called slow-wave sleep with a scream of terror or emotions. Happens in approximately 5% of children and may start from the age of 9 months.

It takes place during deep, dreamless sleep. A child in this situation can be thrown out of bed screaming and eyes open, but not awake. In such a case the child doesn’t understand the existence of someone within the room. Nightmares are dreams that occur during sleep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. The child may wake up with his heart pounding full of fear, remembering the dream and be really awake.

This usually starts {when the|once the} child is 9 months old.


The symptoms of of night terror soccur generally in the first hours of sleep. The child does not remember or does not respond when you touch or shake. Often forgets totally or partially the incident. This incident can last from a couple of minutes to half an hour, during which the child hits, throws things and screams prior to end of the event.

Nightmare Symptoms:

the child gets awake from a nightmare with intense fear and his heart fast beating.

It is possible to be screaming.

Can recall the dream or part of it.

It is awake and there is little confusion or amnesia.

Some children find it hard to get back to sleep.


What can you do for children with nightmares or night terrors:

When your child has a night terror, do not attempt to wake up. This can lead to violent behavior. Due to the fact that yout child actually sleeps it will not realize your effort to assist. Do not speak or scare it, as it could possibly become worse. It usually calms down in 15 to 20 minutes and sleeps. When your child has a nightmare and wakes up, give him or her a hug and make him or her feel calm, perhaps by reading a child story.

A warm drink will likely help. Speak with your child and affirm that it was just a dream.

Prevention & Solution

There are particular methods that prevent the chances of your child having nightmares.

Make sure your child sleeps well. It has been shown that fatigue causes nightmares in children. Stress is another factor. Try to reduce your stress. Let it sleep with a light at night. Avoid TV one hour before bedtime. It’s good to spend some time before going to sleep, playing with him, or to relax by reading him a nice story. An occasional nightmare is normal, but you should consult a homeopathic doctor if you often notice changes in personality or health of the child. And this is why classical Homeopathy is a therapeutic system based on laws and principles of nature, aiming to strengthen the body and thereby triggering the impaired health.

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I am here to solve any questions you may have regarding Classical Homeopathy Medicine.


Ask Me

I am here to solve any questions you may have regarding Classical Homeopathy Medicine.