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The increase of infertility is a worrying phenomenon, that has appeared in recent years and affects 15% of modern couples. It is worth noting that this problem refers to both partners and in accordance to the latest medical studies the ratio is almost the same as regards the medical causes of infertility.

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive for a couple that has unprotected intercourse for over one year. The difficulty in conceiving and the inability of a woman to have a child, may be caused by many diseases, that are mentioned below:

Causes of infertility:

Male infertility factor A respective rate of 1/3 of infertility cases are attributed to men.

The factors causing deterioration in the sperm parameters are:

small number, under 20 million spermatozoa per ml of sperm

Low sperm mobility

Anomalies of the deferent ducts and perinatal glands. Inability or failure of ejaculation (premature or retrogate ejaculation)

Hormonal disruption (high FSH hormone, prolactin excess)

Psychogenic disruptions, such as stress High temperatures (hot baths, saunas, work in warm environment and anything causing an increase of the scrotum temperature).

Female infertility factor

Almost 1/3 of cases are attributed to women.

The causes may be:

Hormonal disruptions:

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Premature menopause

Irregular ovulation

Inflammatory and virus diseases:

Hydrosalpinx Endometriosis Diseases of the uterus Fibroids Adhesions

The hostile environment of the cervix (non-friendly – inadequate to spermatozoa, cervical mucus)

Psychogenic causes and lifestyle

Antisperm antibodies

Τhe age of the woman

Why Classical Homoeopathy Medicine is effective in treating infertility:

Homoeopathy, is a treatment system, based on the laws and principles of nature. It aims at the general reinforcement of the organism, by activating its immune system thus restoring its deranged health.

Therapy is focused on the overall image of symptoms of the organism and not solely on the image of the disease, from which it suffers. Clinical experience, in a vast number of cases, as well as medical studies performed, show that homoeopathic treatment has to offer significant assistance in this medical and social issue. In infertility, homoeopathy may play an important role for both partners.

Homoeopathy may cause an improvement of sperm quality for men as well as an increase of the spermatozoa mobility, improvement of the ovum for women and often even an increase of the permeability of the fallopian tubes. To achieve the best possible results the homoeopathy physician must take a detailed history, in an effort to determine the idiosyncrasy of their patient. In many cases there have been very impressive results in couples that had tried for a long time with in vitro fertilization.

In homoeopathic history-taking, the specific problem shall be examined in its every dimension and mainly in the framework of the overall operation of the organism, namely it shall be holistically examined.

Homoeopathic medications are very effective in treating men and in the reproductive problems of women, because they stimulate the healing ability of the organism, instead of inhibiting or suppressing its effort to get well. It should be noted that homoeopathy treatment, is free of any side effects. Future parents, can find their health and balance through

Homoeopathy even before conception.

Women who opt for Homoeopathy before their pregnancy are more likely to have a healthy and normal pregnancy.

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