Frequent Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions I hear from my clients

Relieve pain from the physical body so that it reaches a level of euphoria. Discharge from passion to the emotional level, resulting in a potential state of serenity and tranquility. The exemption from selfishness in the mental sphere, leading to complete identification with the truth.
Homeopathy is a healing system that deals with all the diseases, except those that undoubtedly require surgical intervention.
Certainly, the results for children are very good because their body and their defense system are generally healthier than adults.
Homeopathic medicine is a therapeutic system based on laws and principles of nature. It aims to strengthen the organization by mobilizing its defense forces and thus restoring its disturbed health. The treatment focuses on the overall picture of the symptoms of the organism and not just the picture of the disease from which it suffers. This means that two people who have the same illness may need two different treatments and different homeopathic remedies. As man is part of nature, both his illness and his healing must be based on the laws of nature.
The prognosis for each patient is only possible after receiving the complete medical and homeopathic history. Usually for a weak average patient, important results are achieved in one to two months of treatment. In an acute illness the therapeutic effect is immediate and is achieved in a short time. In chronic cases, however, it is not possible at most to have an immediate therapeutic effect, particularly when patients have recourse to homeopathy, since they first tried all other methods without success. Because homeopathy acts by enhancing and mobilizing the defensive mechanism of the body, the duration of treatment depends primarily on the condition of this mechanism. So one can only take one month’s treatment, while someone else may need more time. That is why in chronic diseases, do not ask your doctor to accurately predict the time of treatment.
In many cases this can be done. B.C. if someone has diabetes and treats it, it can do homeopathy at the same time and be helped to take a smaller dose of allopathic medicines and not show the long-term complications of diabetes.
They are never dangerous, they do not have any toxic side effect, nor cause dependence on the patient. There is no interaction, because homeopathic medicines are simply not chemical but energy-consuming medicines and act on a different level than allopathic medicine.