Developmental Dysphasia and Homeopathy

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Developmental Dysphasia and Homeopathy

Developmental Dysphasia is an acquired disorder of speech, i.e. a disorder of the ability to produce verbal messages (language production) and comprehension of the speech of others (language comprehension) when verbal communication and expressive language skills are delayed while there is a relative linguistic ability. development without hearing loss, mental retardation, autism or other disorders.

According to the ICD-10 classification, developmental dysphagia is classified as follows:

Speech Disorder (Developmental Dysphasia or Expressive Type Aphasia)
Speech Impairment Disorder (Developmental Dysphasia or Perceptual Aphasia)

Features include:

The absence of some words until the age of two, with the inability to form simple sentences from two words in 3 years, have limited vocabulary, make mistakes in spelling, especially omissions of suffixes and prefixes, incorrect use or non-use of grammar , such as: intentions, pronouns, articles, falls, times, etc.

The child communicates trying to compensate for the impossibility of lack of speech, with gestures, mimicry or dumb voices. In these school children there are related difficulties that arise in relationships with their peers, emotional disorder, behavioral disorder and / or hyperactivity with carelessness.

These children do not respond to their name until their first birthday, have an inability to detect a few simple objects for up to 18 months, or an inability to perform simple commands for up to 2 years – which indicate this disorder.

How can homeopathy help when there is a slow development of speech and speech?

The homeopath, taking a detailed history from the parents, asks questions about the child’s full development from birth to the present age of the child, and how the child’s intrauterine development was progressing. The doctor receives information about how the mother was pregnant, if the mother had any complications during childbirth, how the child’s psychomotor development was, when the child started walking, talking, when he first had contact with solid food , when he said the first word, how old – months he wore diapers etc.

Then, based on the overall clinical picture, a homeopathic medicine is administered that has a beneficial effect on the development of speech, speech, motor skills… (cognitive development). Homeopathic remedies that are properly selected and applied can be “Gifts of God” for children with dysphagia. They can help them relax, produce speech more easily by using grammar rules, and feel more secure inside.

Homeopathy can also enhance the general condition of the body, and therefore make children feel stronger, which leads to a general sense of well-being.