Principles of Classical Homeopathy

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Principles of Classical Homeopathy

There are no diseases for homeopathy!

There are diseased individuals!

Every patient is a special case and entity!

Therefore, Homeopathy is a holistic medicine.

It treats the patient as a whole, consisting of three basic levels of function:

  1. The physical level (physical body and senses)
  2. The emotional level (includes emotions)
  3. The mental level (includes the ability to think, consciousness, attention, memory and concentration)

These three levels exhibit different functions, but they intertwine with each other to form a single whole. The symptoms of the disease is the external expression of the internal disorder of the organism. If the internal disorder does not return to harmony, there can be no cure with some temporary elimination of a symptom.

Homeopathy is primarily preventive medicine, especially if one starts at an early age.

“If Homeopathy is a chimera or an unworthy method, it will collapse on its own. But if it represents progress, whatever we do to stop it will spread…..”

F. Guizot Minister of Health of France, late 19th century.