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The Homeopathy Principle


Classical Homeopathy is the type of homeopathy, arguing that at any given time to treat all symptoms of the patient, only one remedy should be given to him. The process of identifying the correct homeopathic remedy is painful and requires research and experience on the part of the treating physician. Once achieved, however, the [...]

The Homeopathy Principle2018-03-17T12:39:53+02:00

Stuttering and Homeopathy


According to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases (1977), stuttering is defined as “disorder in the rhythm of speech, in which the individual knows precisely what he wishes to say, but, at the time, is unable to say it because of an involuntary, repetitive prolongation or cessation of a sound” Tachyphemia - cluttering Weiss [...]

Stuttering and Homeopathy2020-09-24T19:03:16+02:00

Migraines, Headaches and Homeopathy


Migraine is described as an episodic headache affecting one side of the head which may cause nausea. The painful episodes of migraine are usually vibrant and last for half an hour. The Cause The precise cause remains still unknown. Eg. It has been shown that migraine is a vascular disorder. Clinical observations also indicated [...]

Migraines, Headaches and Homeopathy2020-09-25T17:08:20+02:00

Nightmares and Sleep Disorders in Children


Nightmares and Sleep Disorders in Children There are many different types of sleep disorders in children. Night terrors and nightmares are two different sleep disorders. Have different symptoms and treatment for each case. Remarks Night terror is a sudden awakening from the sleep stage called slow-wave sleep with a scream of terror or emotions. [...]

Nightmares and Sleep Disorders in Children2020-09-25T17:12:21+02:00

Bulimia – Homeopathic Treatment


The diagnosis of the disease is important The diagnosis of the disease is important, but in Homeopathy, the cause of the disease is not just only searches in terms of bacteria and viruses. Other factors such as the mental, emotional and physical stress that could predispose an individual to the disease are also part [...]

Bulimia – Homeopathic Treatment2020-09-25T17:15:47+02:00

Allergies and Homoeopathy


T he term allergy was used in the early 20th century to describe an unnatural – in the sense of excessive or pathological – reaction of the organism, to substances of foreign origin, natural or chemical. Allergy, regardless of season, may appear only on the skin (allergic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, eczema etc.), it may [...]

Allergies and Homoeopathy2020-09-25T17:18:12+02:00

Infertility and Homeopathy Medicine


Another therapeutic approach The increase of infertility is a worrying phenomenon, that has appeared in recent years and affects 15% of modern couples. It is worth noting that this problem refers to both partners and in accordance to the latest medical studies the ratio is almost the same as regards the medical causes of [...]

Infertility and Homeopathy Medicine2020-09-25T17:25:06+02:00

Hyperactivity & Homeopathy


Hyperactivity Parents get quite upset when the school informs them that their child “does not obey the teacher” or “causes problems in class”. One possible cause of this behaviour is ADHD – Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Attention deficit in children Although often children with this disorder want to do well at school, their impulsive behaviour [...]

Hyperactivity & Homeopathy2020-09-25T17:26:56+02:00

Acne and Homeopathy


C ertainly, the treatment course of the problem in all cases is fully personalised and depends on the patient’s age, any coexisting health problems, the use of harsh chronic allopathic treatments, the severity of the disease etc. Homeopathic treatment does not only cure the skin condition but also enhances the health of the individual, [...]

Acne and Homeopathy2020-09-25T17:28:22+02:00
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