on the website of physician-homeopathic Mehrdadian Mehrdad Mithridatis.
Here you can find out about the services I provide at my Thermi Thessaloniki clinic.
You can also find information about me as well as contact me for appointments or any questions you may have.

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I welcome you to my online clinic.

My goal is to provide high quality services. I provide services of classical homeopathic medicine as well as orthomolecular nutrition.
A basic feature of my office’s practice is communicating and developing relationships of trust with my patients.
At the same time, I focus on strengthening the body, mobilizing its defense forces and restoring its disturbed health.
The treatment focuses on the overall picture of the symptoms of the organism and not just the picture of the disease from which it suffers.

I hope you find the information provided on my website useful and I am at your disposal for any queries or clarifications you may wish either by phone or by visiting my medical office in Thermi, Thessaloniki.

Have a nice tour!


Tip #1

The main benefits of Classical Homeopathy:

Permanent and mild treatment, safe, without toxic or other side effects. It heals the entire body, it is low in cost, suitable for all, children, pregnant and elderly. It does not cause addiction. Improves physical and psycho-mental health.

Tip #2

Characteristics of Classical Homeopathy:

One homeopathic remedy at a time, personalization of each case, prescribing based on the patient’s physical and psychological symptoms, inclusion of causes and inheritance.

Tip #3

The Basic Laws of Homeopathy:

Law of the Same, Law of Direction, Symptoms and Treatment, Law of the One at a Time of Drug, Law of Minimal Dose, Authority of Potentiation. Homeopathy, as an official therapist, should only be practiced by properly trained doctors.